Kind to baby kind to Earth!


We all want what’s best for our children... In the food we feed them... In the education we give them...

In the clothes they wear...


Much of the fashion industry, however, does do not care about children!


Most children's clothing manufacturers use harmful chemicals to save money.



At Pando Baby, we specialise in selling ethical and safe clothes for children from newborn up to the age of six.

All of our clothes are GOTS certified organic clothes.

This is the highest standard of natural and ethical clothing available to date. 


Hello, we are Alena and Darrell, the owners of Pando Baby and parents of three lovely children. We decided to open Pando Baby to offer you the brands which are pretty, kind to skin and tested on our 3 children. 

I love colourful clothes and beautiful patterns which Maxomorra and Kite offers. They are made of GOTS certified organic cotton, lasts a lot of washing and still looks beautiful to be able to be handed down to siblings or sell on ebay.

I always try my children wear only natural materials - like cotton and wool - which are good for sensitive skin, biodegradable and so good for planet. 

But unfortunately it so hard to find winter clothes made of 100 % natural material. Then I found Disana and Engel,  german brands, which make beautiful winter clothes made of 100% GOTS certified

organic wool. These clothes are made in Germany, can be easily handed down to siblings or sell on Ebay for very good price.

Please have a look at our products. 

Thank you for supporting our small family business. 


GOTS certified organic wool and cotton clothes are free from toxins and the other man-made additives.

Kindness of wool!

Wool has wonderful properties many people forgot.

Wool is:




Naturally flame resistant

Regulates temperature


Babies and infants aren’t able to regulate their body temperature effectively and wool offers invaluable assistance.

It keeping babies warm in cold conditions and helps them to remain cool when it is hot . . .