Disana overall is perfect for babies and toddlers, keeping them warm from top to toe.

  • 100% boiled organic Merino wool - warm, light and breathable
  • fine organic cotton lining on the hood and neck - nothing itches in these sensitive areas
  • lanolin and air woven into the boiled wool effectively regulate temperature and humidity
  • cuffs to cover hands and feet
  • tagua nut buttons enhance the natural look

Disana organic boiled merino wool overall

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  • All measurements are approximate and taken in centimeters with the garment lying flat=

    50/56: Width: 25cm  Shoulder to crotch: 33cm  Length (shoulder to hem): 49cm  Sleeve: 18cm

    62/68: Width: 28cm  Shoulder to crotch: 36cm  Length (shoulder to hem): 59cm  Sleeve: 23cm

    74/80: Width: 29cm  Shoulder to crotch: 42cm  Length (shoulder to hem): 69cm  Sleeve: 28cm

    86/92: Width: 31cm  Shoulder to crotch: 45cm  Length (shoulder to hem): 79cm  Sleeve: 33cm

  • Disana and Engel garments are made of untreated merino wool, which has not been subject to any chemical treatments to improve washability. As it's untreated wool and contain lanolin it naturally rejects dirt, is repellent to bacterial growth and it is self cleaning therefore it does not need as much washing as cotton. Air garments frequently and they can be worn many times without washing and you can spot wash them if something has been spilled on them.

    When washing is required we recommend washing your wool garment by hand. When handwashing, great care is needed to ensure the garment does not shrink or 'felt'.  Wash very gently by hand in water that must stay the same cool temperature both for washing and rinsing. Changing temperature can shock the wool and shrink it. You should use a special soap for wool or shampoo. Stretch the wool into shape when wet, and pull lengthwise and lay flat to dry naturally avoiding direct heat.

    How to Wash Merino Wool in the Machine
    Disana and Engel recommends machine washing their wool garments only if you trust your machine; test your wool cycle with an old Merino wool garment to ensure no shrinking or felting occurs. We cannot accept returns of shrunken or felted wool items if they have been machine washed. If you are planning to wash them in the machine they may shrink a bit length wise, to prevent this happening stretch them lengthwise when they come out of the machine and perhaps buy a bigger size than otherwise. If you use the machine to spin items, the revolutions must be below 400.

    We recommend washing all wool fleece by hand, gentle, no rubbing, squeezing or wringing. lay it flat on a towel to dry. Often spraying a little water mist on it and having it out will help it self clean.

    For tough stains use gall soap, a powerful natural stain remover which is kind to delicate fabrics. Dab the gall soap on to the stain, leave a few minutes then wash as normal.

    Wool is protected from dirt and moisture by its natural lanolin content, which is removed over time by washing. In order to restore the wool’s waterproof and dirt-proof qualities, you can use a detergent which contains some lanolin for everyday washing or you can use a separate lanolin conditioner from time to time. Simply soak the wool in a solution of warm water and lanolin for 10 minutes, squeeze out the water (or spin on a low speed) then leave to dry.