These knitted Merino wool trousers come in a range of great colours, they very warm and dirt resistant.

  • 100% organic Merino wool
  • gentle around the tummy with the nurturing warmth of wool
  • these are very generous and not tight leggings - but more loose

Disana organic merino wool knitted trousers/leggings

  • 0-3 months (50/56cm)

    • Length: 36cm
    • Width of waist: 17.5cm
    • Inside leg: 19cm
    • Width of bottom of leg: 6cm

    3-6 months (62/68cm)

    • Length: 41.5cm
    • Width of waist: 19.5cm
    • Inside leg: 23cm
    • Width of bottom of leg: 6.5cm

    6-12 months (74/80cm)

    • Length: 48cm
    • Width of waist: 20cm
    • Inside leg: 30cm
    • Width of bottom of leg: 7.5cm

    12-24 months (86/92cm)

    • Length: 53.5cm
    • Width of waist: 21.5cm
    • Inside leg: 33.5cm
    • Width of bottom of leg: 7.5cm

    2-3 years (98/104cm)

    • Length: 59cm
    • Width of waist: 24cm
    • Inside leg: 38cm
    • Width of bottom of leg: 7.5cm

    4-5 years (110/116cm)

    • Length: 65cm
    • Width of waist: 25.5cm
    • Inside leg: 42.5cm
    • Width of bottom of leg: 7.5cm
  • This is untreated wool, so is best hand washed. As it's untreated wool and contain lanolin it naturally rejects dirt and does not need as much washing as cotton. Some people wash it successfully on a cool wool cycle.